What’s Your Story? Isaac Maccombs

What's your story

Isaac is 18. He lives with his dad and mom Rex and Beth Maccombs. He enjoys listening to music. He attends various music festivals throughout the year and also loves going to drum circles and pow wows.
Every year he participates in the Lancaster Soap Box Derby. He is in the Super Kids Division. He rides down the hill with an experienced driver. He laughs and screams while going down the hill. He has gone to Akron to participate in the National Soap Box Derby also. Isaac enjoys life and loves to laugh.

Isaac started in the Early Intervention Program when he was an infant.
So we have been involved with the county board for 18 years.

Isaac has participated in Early Intervention Services, the preschool program, and the school age program.

When Isaac was a baby and first diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy we had so many questions. It was a whole new world for us. As we started early intervention the early intervention specialist and therapists answered all of our questions and was very patient with us.
The journey with a special needs child can be a tough at times and they were there with us through all those times. As he entered preschool we found the teacher and assistant to be very caring for Isaac meeting all of his needs. They were also very patient with us. They were able to get us connected with other parents who share the same journey. As Isaac entered the school age program we were met with more awesome teachers and educational aides. They took the time with Isaac and worked with him as if he was their only student. The staff is very caring and loving they find creative ways to help your child succeed. The therapists involved and Isaac’s life have also been a key part in his success. He has received physical therapy services, occupational therapy services and speech therapy. They have all been marvelous and were good at showing us ways that we could work with Isaac also.

What I want people to know most about the County Board of DD is that the staff that works with the children are there because they love the kids and they care for them. They want to see them succeed. We have formed lasting relationships with teachers, therapists, and all the staff at the county board. It’s been so nice to have someone that we can trust our child to knowing that they have his best interests at heart and they will do all they can to help children succeed to the best of their abilities. We are very thankful for the county board and all the services that they have offered our family.