Service & Support Administration – Case-Management Services

The Service and Support Administration (SSA) division of the ACBDD provides services to more than 420 children and adults in Athens County. Anyone who is three years and older who is eligible for county board services may request services from the SSA Department. The SSA Department supports individuals in determining and pursuing life goals by providing coordination across all life areas and across all systems.

Primary Functions of the SSA Division

  1. Determining eligibility for ACBDD services;
  2. Assessing an individual’s needs and wants for services and supports;
  3. Developing a “Person Centered” Service Plan;
  4. Exploring available funding resources, establishing and recommending an individual budget to purchase the approved services in the individualized service plan;
  5. Assist the individual to select a qualified service provider;
  6. Service Coordination and linkage to identify and link individuals with appropriate educational, vocational, or residential options to ensure services are directed and focused toward achieving the desired outcomes.
  7. Monitoring services to verify the consistent implementation of services are delivered according to the individual’s service plan;
  8. Assure the completion of a formal Quality Assurance Review of the Individual’s Service Plan;
  9. Assist the individual to select a daily representative to assist the individual to keep the service and support delivery system focused on his/her desired outcomes; and
  10. Crisis/Emergency Intervention to provide necessary emergency services to eligible individuals and their families on a 24 hour basis.

Service and Support Specialist Services

When an individual has been determined eligible for Athens County Board of DD Services they will be assigned a Service and Support Specialist (SSS). The SSS will work with the individual or the family (if a child) to learn what their needs, wants, interests and hopes are. The SSS will identify service options that will focus on and help address the individual’s hopes and needs. When the individual has identified the service they wish to receive the SSS will work with the individual to develop an individualized service plan, assist in selecting a provider and exploring the available resources to purchase the selected services.

If you have questions about the Service and Support Administration Services, please feel free to contact the SSA Office at (740) 592-6006 or contact Director Tristin Lawrence.

Tristin Lawrence, Director
(740) 592-6006, ext. 140

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