Since its inception in 1957, the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities has been providing individuals opportunities to learn, grow, and enrich their lives.  For Athens County individuals with developmental disabilities, we provide quality services by assessing their needs and creating individual plans.  We offer education, employment, life skills training, recreation, transportation, residential support, services coordination, and more.  We help to integrate individuals with developmental disabilities into their community as valued citizens.

We also believe all people, including those with developmental disabilities, have the right to the opportunity for competitive employment.  The ACBDD firmly follows the state’s Employment First policy, which means employment opportunities in fully-integrated work settings shall be the first and priority option explored in the service planning for working-age persons with developmental disabilities enrolled in ACBDD programs.

In addition, under Ohio’s Technology First initiative, we work to ensure technology is considered as part of all service and support plans for people with developmental disabilities.  Technology First is not a technology-only policy but aims to help people learn more about how to use technology to improve their quality of life and how they can experience more independence and personal freedom.

If you would like more information on any of our programs and services, please click on the link or contact us by phone at (740) 594-3539.

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An integrated and inclusive Athens County

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