What’s Your Story? Sarina Winner

What's your story

Sarina Winner was born on August 28th, 1975 in San Diego, California. Shortly after her birth, Sarina and her family moved to Ohio where they found a home in the Athens community. When she was younger, Sarina attended Federal Hocking High School as well as Beacon School in Athens city. When she was a child, Sarina reports she wanted to become a high school teacher and loved to play dress-up and play with her mother’s makeup. Shortly after graduating Beacon School, Sarina transitioned to ATCO where she has been receiving services for over ten years. Sarina currently works at Passion Works Studio in uptown Athens as an artist where she has worked since 1997. She states working at Passion Works has fostered and encouraged her creativity and also offered her a fun way to further develop her fine motor skills. Sarina enjoys spending time with her husband David, watching Netflix, and being on Facebook. Sarina is an advocate for herself and also for her peers. She has a great inclination to help others which is exhibited by the fact she is currently writing an autobiography which she hopes “will make people with disabilities of all sorts feel more confident and comfortable in their skin”. Sarina has many friends at ATCO and can never be caught without a smile on her face. She loves her staff at ATCO and her role model in life is her mother. In the future, Sarina hopes to move to Florida, have her autobiography published, and write another book.