This Month’s Feature – Transportation

Board Member Stephanie Morris learns firsthand how a wheelchair is secured on the bus.

Transportation Director Butch Withem explains to Board Members the driver’s responsibilities on the bus. Board Member Stephanie Morris learns firsthand how a wheelchair is secured on the bus. We were pleased to host the November Board meeting at the Bus Garage this year. We were also asked to present a one-hour training for the Board members.regarding transportation, The agenda for the training included: driver qualifications, transportation rules and regulations, routing parameters, and hands-on bus loading and unloading.

As you can see in the pictures we actually loaded the Board members on the bus. One passenger was placed in a wheel chair and the lift was used to put the passenger on the bus. We then secured the passenger and wheelchair on the bus using the wheelchair tie downs and the occupant restraint system. One passenger used a safety vest and was secured in the seat using the proper restraint system. We then took the bus on a short run to simulate a bus route. We answered many questions on how to safely and efficiently transport individuals utilizing the compartmentalization the bus seating provides.

A map of Athens County was provided, which covers 500,000 square miles. The map showed dots at ever location where we transport to and from each day.

We also explained that we are not allowed to transport any individual for more than 90 minutes per trip. We discussed the challenge to structure the routes with different start and stop (bell) times at ATCO and Beacon. We explained the further complications created by reversing the bell times in the afternoon and maintaining the 90 minute rule.

Calamity procedures were discussed and how this affects what we do in the winter time. We discussed what must occur because we follow different schedules at ATCO and Beacon – for instance this month we operated regular routing until Beacon closed for the holiday break. We then switched to summer routing for two days until ATCO closed for the holiday break. In addition we switched to van routing to provide transportation for community employment throughout much of the
county for the remainder of the holiday break.

All the participants were very enlightened regarding how we provide safe and efficient transportation services to our individuals.

Thanks to Butch for sharing his expertise with all of us!