Butch Withem Transportation Director

It is hard to believe that school is starting on next Tuesday (8-21-12). We will run 2 vans for community employment on Monday while  transportation staff are at Beacon for our annual employee orientation. Yellow bus routes will start Tuesday morning and run very similar schedules as last year, with the exception of Bus 4, which will be provided by van. If your route has changed by several minutes you will be notified via phone, otherwise we will see you Tuesday morning. We are working through some serious budget restraints so we are required to do more with less. We are running less routes which means the remaining routes have more passengers with tighter schedules. We may  no longer be able to wait or make adjustments if the passengers are not ready  to board the bus when we get there. Please try to understand our positon and work with us through these difficult economic times.

NOTE:  We plan to post our calamity announcements this year at this location.  So please remember to check our website under “Current News and Announcement”!

Welcome back and we are looking forward to a safe school year!