2012 Accreditation Survey A Huge Success!

On July 25 & 26, ten Accreditation surveyors from the Ohio Department of DD visited ACBDD’s programs for our required review. In addition to visiting each of our programs, they also visited private day providers, visited individuals in their homes, interviewed parents/guardians and reviewed personnel records to see that training & other employment requirements were met.

By all accounts, the surveyors’ feedback and comments were overwhelmingly positive! It is expected that we will be awarded a 4-Year Accreditation – the highest that is given from a survey team. By achieving the 4-year level, we will have the opportunity to petition for a 5-Year Accreditation Award.

The surveyors were impressed with the close, caring relationships that exist between staff and individuals served. Our strong focus on the individuals served is a main contributor to the success of our programs – and the success of our individuals. I can’t stress enough how proud I am of you all and how humbled and fortunate I feel to have an opportunity to be a part of an agency with such deep cultural values that so vigorously assures that the individuals are our #1 priority!

Congratulations and thanks for a job well-done!