What’s Your Story? Passion Works Studio

“To inspire and liberate the human spirit through the arts.”   This has been the mission of Passion Works Studio since its inception in 1997.  Through the use of the collaborative process in the arts Passion Works seeks to enhance the quality of life, strengthen community, change perceptions, and provide a voice to an often marginalized portion of our population.

Collaboration happens when two or more individuals work together on a shared goal.  In the case of Passion Works this shared goal is ultimately beautiful artwork — beautiful artwork that also acts as a vocational opportunity for its artists.  At Passion Works, artists with and without disabilities combine their skills in a multitude of mediums from painting and drawing to sculptural and textile arts, film making and installations. Passion Works Studio has also expanded their scope of collaboration in projects with Athens businesses as well as with Athens city.  These collaborations are visible around town in the form of Athens News newspaper boxes as well as the cigarette butt recycling boxes in the uptown area of Athens.  Past collaborations also include the fountain adjacent to the community center.

The heart and soul of Passion Works art comes from the vital visions and renderings of its client artists.  There are often several artists’ work represented in a single piece of art work. This is accomplished with the art piece passing through the hands of artists with different mark making styles; some artists working in an abstract realm while others may choose to work in a figurative realm.  This layering technique is not unlike the layering of instruments in a musical composition. One artist in a piece might be the featured soloist while another may provide the rhythmic foundation…each being essential in the overall piece.

Passion Works art has also been translated into a line of products available in our Passion Works Store/Gallery.  The proceeds from the sale of Passion Works art are split between the client artists and the coverage of studio expenses.  This provides a vocational outlet for client artists in which their imaginations and creativity are an integral part.

Passion Works Studio is one of the first programs of its kind in the nation. The Passion Works model has been emulated by many the world over in the subsequent years.  Passion Works stands as a true pioneer in the field of community inclusion for people with disabilities.