What’s Your Story? Gabby Moulton

What's your story

Gabby is a wonderful 19 year old. She has a mom and dad and three siblings. Gabby has a wide range of interests including flags, race cars, Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles, and of course sports. One of her favorite past times is going to the library and studying books about different countries and once a gain sports!
Gabby has attended Beacon School since she was fifteen years old. Her favorite school activities are school dances, pancake breakfasts, and teen recreation night. She has also participated in the summer youth work program.
What Gabby likes most about her experience at Beacon School is the kindness she receives form all her teachers and staff as well as all her classmates. Gabby is also a joy to be around and she enhances the Beacon School atmosphere with her friendly and happy attitude.