What’s Your Story? Lilian Stamm

What's your story

Lillian Stamm was born February 4th 1985 and has been attending ATCO for several years. Lillian uses ATCO to her full advantage and participates in as much as she can. At ATCO Lillian is able to work and bring in a paycheck while having fun and being surrounded by her friends. Lillian attended Athens high school while growing up and enjoyed taking math while she was there. Lillian has a variety of interest that she enjoys doing. Some include music, mall walking, shopping, hanging with friends and watching movies. However you will not ever catch her at a scary movie since these are one of her fears. You also will never spot her without rings on her fingers. Lillian’s rings are one of her favorite accessories. When Lillian is not busy participating in classes or working at ATCO she is helping others who need better assisted. Lillian likes to see other people happy and is willing to do whatever it takes to see it happen. She is extremely thankful for her father, brother and her staff at home and at ATCO. These people help allow Lillian to live as independently as possible within the Athens community.