What’s Your Story? Debbie Dixon

What's your story

My story begins with my youngest daughter, who became a student in the Preschool Classroom 25 yrs. Ago! I was lost and did not know how to help her until a wonderful teacher, Katherine Hare came into our lives. I learned so much from her and knew that I wanted to be a part of the school and help others. I know what it is like to be on the other side of the table during IEP’s, and trying to figure out what was best for her was not easy at the time.
I began my journey with Beacon by being a sub and getting those early morning calls to come to work that day. Then there were times that I would get a call and work with a specific student for a couple of weeks at a time ….such as when one student had surgery and was in a body cast from the waist down.
Twenty five years ago Early Intervention was in house with the parents coming to school with their children for class time, and a wonderful teacher, Penny Monroe ran the program. She did not have an assistant and was allowed to have someone come in 2 days a week and help her….I became that person.
My first full time job was with a student from another school district and I became a one-on-one with that student in the classroom and would ride the bus with him.
In 1991, I became an assistant in the Primary One classroom and then moved to the Preschool Classroom where I am today!
I have worn many hats while working at Beacon and feel so very blessed to be a part of the school and staff that love our students so very much, and I also feel blessed to be able to see some of the students grow up around me. Thank you Beacon School for all you do for our students!