What’s Your Story? Jim Gillespie

What's your story

Jim Gillespie is a soon to be 70 years old. He spent many years of his life living in his own apartment and having minimal drop-in services. He enjoys spending time with his friends laughing and drinking coffee. Many of his friends are gone, but there are still a few around. He loves to get together with them, go out to eat, or sit around the table to talk and laugh with them. Though he is definitely old enough to retire and spend every day in his recliner, he does still go to ATCO on a part time basis to work, socialize, and spend time with his lady friend who he really enjoys and makes him smile. Jim is quite easy going and a sweet man who gets along with everyone.
Jim has had several setbacks in recent years. Jim broke his hip several years ago, was diagnosed with emphysema, and became dangerously thin. We were afraid that he might not make it back to living in the community in his own home. But, Jim did persevere. He is living in a home in the community with a housemate, with services in his home. He is maintaining his weight, being as healthy as he can, and enjoying his life and his time with family and friends. Jim is still looking toward the future. He and his brother have recently started seeing one another again and have discussed the option of maybe living together in a home in the community. Anyone who knows Jim and spends some time with him will definitely have a smile on their face from their time spent with him.