What’s Your Story? Dale Ellis

What's your story

Dale Ellis is a visionary person. He graduated from the Columbus School for the Blind in 2014 and decided to move to Athens County because he heard there were a lot of good opportunities for employment in Athens County. He has learned to cook, clean, and take care of himself independently. While he was looking for a job, Dale wanted to do more, so he began volunteering three days a week at the Laurels of Athens, helping residents who have trouble getting out of their rooms to have conversations and social engagement. As a World War II buff and patriotic person, Dale has gained a lot of new information, and helped improve the quality of life for the residents, becoming a trusted friend of some of the residents’ families as well.

Dale also co-founded Friends Allies and Neighbors (FANs), to help people with and without disabilities to make connections and develop friendships with people in the community. Dale has established a great connection with his friend Barry Oches, and they go out to dinner and talk about the Bible weekly. Dale has had many job tryouts over the past year, including at a OU Credit Union, State Farm, and other positions, but hasn’t found a permanent fit yet. If you’d like to get involved with FANs, go to www.facebook.com/FANsAthens for more information