What’s Your Story? Brandi Kisor

What's your story

Brandi is more than a triple threat: She’s an actor, singer, dancer, equestrian, hard worker, and all around cool person. Brandi graduated high school a few years ago, but always wanted to find a platform to show off her musical and acting talents. This was discovered through a person-centered planning process of helping people the County Board serves to focus on identifying and achieving outcomes. This often leads us to look outside the County Board service system. Her team split up the work, and found the ABC Players, who routinely perform at Stuart’s Opera House. Brandi auditioned and got a part in Pinocchio. Since then, she’s played many roles and been a part of the acting group, getting regular positive feedback from her fellow actors, crew, and the audience.

Brandi also enters community equestrian events, placing 1st and 3rd in trot and walk and trail riding this past summer. She and her horse, Buttercup, ride often. Brandi’s goal this year is to find a job, as she worked so hard at her last job at Beacon School scanning files that she worked herself out of a job. County Board staff will continue to help her achieve her goals and make connections in the community.

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