Retirement Congratulations! We Will Miss You Both!

Mary Flowers—15 Years Of Service

Mary Mary Flowers will be retiring from the Athens County Board of DD (ACBDD) on December 31, 2012 after 15 years of service to ACBDD following her employment with Atco.

Prior to being hired by ACBDD, Mary began at Atco as a substitute Workshop Specialist I in the late 1980’s. Atco then hired Mary as a Habilitation Secre-tary where she worked until she was hired by the Board in November of 1997 as a Business Clerk/Secretary. Mary has administered the Family Support Services (FSS) program where she has had the opportunity to work with many families and help them improve and enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition, Mary’s years of experience have enabled her to serve effectively on several AC-BDD committees. Mary’s outgoing personality and caring attitude has been vital to the success of the FSS program over the years.

We will miss Mary’s smile each day—as she moves on to her years of retirement leisure! Congratula-tions Mary—on achieving this lifetime milestone!

David Barba—30 Years Of Service


David Barba will be retiring from the Athens County Board of DD (ACBDD) on December 31, 2012 after 30 years of dedicated service.

David began his career with the ACBDD in 1982 as a Workshop Specialist II. His enthusiasm and skills led him to being promoted to Production Manager in 1995. David has been devoted to finding work opportunities and encouraging individuals to participate in the Atco day hab and production programs. In addition, David was one of the founding members of Passion Works, a collaborative art program for artists with and without disabilities. David continues to serve as the primary advocate for the promotion and expansion of Passion Works Studio.

David has served on many in-house committees in addition to committees at the local and state levels. His philosophies, vision, and genuine passion for helping individuals with DD have made him an integral part of the ACBDD Management Team. The impact of David’s years of devotion to the development and growth of ACBDD programs is unprecedented. We will miss David greatly, and wish him the best as he begins this new chapter!