March’s Featured Program – PersonnelPlus!

PersonnelPlus, Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce

In February, PersonnelPlus Training Coordinator, Stephanie Howell held the first Job Club of 2012. Stephanie facilitated a class of 13 students that focused on job preparation and retention. The participants ranged from high school transition students with no work experience, to adults with developmental disabilities who had years of previous work experience. This interactive course allowed individuals to participate through group activities and challenges, role plays and quizzes. The students also received information through speeches, handouts, demonstrations and PowerPoint presentations and were provided an opportunity to talk in-depth about each subject matter. They exhibited a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and seemed excited to become part of the community workforce. Since completing the class, all of the participants have been authorized to move onto other services that will assist in preparing them for community employment. PersonnelPlus’ job preparation and retention classes will certainly help them on their journeys. Job Club helps PersonnelPlus, too. This six-hour class earned PersonnelPlus approximately $11,000 in revenue. Another Job Club is scheduled for March. Thanks Stephanie – and all the PersonnelPlus staff – for making a difference in so many lives.