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What’s Your Story? Dara Walburn

Dara is a 25 year old who does a multitude of things. For starters, she continues to work her community employment position at American Family Insurance each week, and has done so since 2011. In this position she makes phone calls on behalf of American Family to send customers birthday wishes. She is also a…read more

What’s Your Story? Holly Kasler

Holly is a local resident who has her own house and is very independent. She enjoys getting to visit with family and especially her dog Dolce who is a miniature Pinscher, chihuahua mix. During the week she enjoys dinners with her friend Jessica, making crafts, taking trips to the movies, and going to The Work…read more

What’s Your Story? Alex Stock

Alex is a senior at Athens High School, takes classes at Ohio University and works part time at the Athena Grand. Alex attended the Summer Youth Program and was an exemplary employee. His intelligence, work ethic and overall presence enhanced the program. Alex won the Most Positive Worker Award in the summer of 2015. After…read more

What’s Your Story? Mike Bartlett

Mike Bartlett is a soon to be 27 years old. He is known for his infectious smile. Mike went through some very rough times during his teenage and very young adulthood, as many young people do. Mike had some hard battles to work through in learning to be appropriate with his family, peers, and community….read more

What’s Your Story? Bob Shinn

Bob Shinn has been a school bus driver for the ACBDD since 1995. Before coming to ACBDD, Bob retired from UPS earlier in 1995 where he received an award for driving 2 million accident-free miles while delivering for them. In 2000 Bob became certified by the Ohio Department of Education as an On Board Instructor…read more

What’s Your Story? Cardon Smith

From the moment he walks in the door to the time he heads home, Cardon Smith makes his presence known through his art work and personality. Booming through the door with a proud “Hellooo,” he heads straight for the art table where he makes his rounds to say hello to everyone. Cardon even makes the…read more