What’s Your Story? Mike Bartlett

What's your story

Mike Bartlett is a soon to be 27 years old. He is known for his infectious smile. Mike went through some very rough times during his teenage and very young adulthood, as many young people do. Mike had some hard battles to work through in learning to be appropriate with his family, peers, and community. Through the years Mike has grown and matured in so many ways it is unimaginable. He lives in a home in the community with a house mate and staff in his home. He attends ATCO day center but most importantly and most impressive is that he is not only working at Goodwill Industries doing several different job duties, but is also working at a job in the community for Green Cab and doing quite well. Some people who knew the Mike of eight to ten years ago may never have believed this possible. Mike has shown a great turn around and is such a great addition to have at his job and community. He has made great strides and is continuing to do so.