What’s Your Story? Jeffrey McCoy

What's your story

Jeffrey (Jeff) McCoy was born on July 15th, 1981 in Athens county where he has lived for all his life. Jeffrey has been receiving services at ATCO for 12 years before which, he graduated from Beacon School. Currently, Jeffrey lives at Buckeye Community Services in The Plains with many family members living nearby. His favorite foods are pizza, yogurt, and rice crispy treats. Jeffrey and his staff have indicated that ATCO is important to him because it allows the opportunity him to make friends, socialize with others, and empowers him to be independent. At ATCO, Jeffrey enjoys a variety of programs including therapeutic horse handling, swimming, mall walking, working in the ATCO garden, reading books, taking rides in the van, helping out the staff, and watching “The Price is Right”. According to his friends at ATCO, Jeffrey’s greatest strengths are that he is always willing to help out those around him, he is smart and always wants to learn new things, and that he has a great sense of humor and keeps those around him laughing.

Jeffrey McCoy