What’s Your Story? Celeste Salzman

What's your story

Celeste has been with the ATCO Community Employment Program for almost 26 years. Celeste works as a PersonnelPlus Job Trainer, and is exceptional at adaptive measures in the workplace for individuals with disabilities.
In 2000, Celeste received the APSE Professional of the Year Award for the state of Ohio as well as nationally. Celeste was the ARC president for 20 years and was involved with the Japanese Exchange Program.
Celeste loves working at PersonnelPlus and with the people we serve. Celeste loves to see how happy people are when they find out they have gotten a job or that moment when she’s working with someone and she sees how proud they are of the job they’re doing. Celeste believes in PersonnelPlus and believes in the commitment of our job trainers.
Celeste is a graduate from Cleveland Cuyahoga Community College, International School of Business Machines and Get Set OSU. She and her husband have four children and reside in Athens.