This Month’s Highlight: ATCO Adult Services – The Healthy Senior Program

The Atco Healthy Seniors Program was established to provide services to meet the physical, nutritional, emotional, and intellectual needs of individuals age 50 and older. The Seniors Program was founded almost 5 years ago through a grant from the Ohio University foundation. Leslie Perry coordinates the program at ATCO which is attended by individuals over the age of 50.

The participants work on nutrition by preparing healthy meals and snacks and practicing skills designed to lead a healthy life style. Exercise for seniors is important so they engage in walking and balancing activities including senior baseball which is low impact and can be done sitting down.

A major emphasis of the Senior Program is on practicing memory retention. Each participant is preparing a life history book which contains memories and pictures about their life that can be used to keep them engaged in talking about their lives.

The participants also engage in activities that all seniors enjoy such as being able to relax. They have a Senior Spa Day in which they turn the lights down low, put their feet up, place cucumbers over their eyes and play soft music.

Our staff truly enjoy interacting and learning with our special Senior participants!