Thank You!

-Thanks to all who supported and voted for Issue 6, ACBDD’s levy. Without this tremendous community support we would not be able to provide the programs and services that are so necessary and beneficial to the children and adults of Athens County who have developmental disabilities.

-Over the past few years we have experienced extreme growth in the need for residential services necessary to assure the health, safety and welfare of our clients. This, in turn, has increased our costs substantially, creating a budget deficit.

-Without this levy, we would have been facing a $1.3 M spending deficit. With the passage of the levy we are still facing a spending deficit of $243,839. This levy will go a long way in improving our financial situation, but we still have much work to do to find additional ways to correct this spending deficit.  Our Management Team has been working on plans for this and we will solicit input from employee and union groups as well as other stakeholders. We need everyone’s support to achieve our goal.

-We are so fortunate to live in Athens County, a community that is so caring and compassionate toward children and adults with developmental disabilities, one of society’s most vulnerable populations.