Welcome, Wayne Savage! Our New Studio Coordinator at Passion Works!
Passion Works Studio is pleased to introduce our new Studio Coordinator, Wayne Savage. Wayne brings a rich background in the arts spanning more than 30 years of practice, implementation and innovation. As an artist, Wayne Savage sculpts buildings and life scenes from Styrofoam. He is also an experienced painter and clay sculptor, poet and a writer.

In the late 1990s, Wayne became involved in arts administration as a guiding force with ZAAP (the Zanesville Appalachian Artists Project) and as owner-operator of his own fine art gallery, Savage Art. Wayne co-founded the highly respected Rendville Art Works where he served as Resident Artist. He would later become the director of The Foothills Art School. Wayne’s art has attracted national attention. In 2000, Wayne sculpted a miniature replica of the Seinfeld sitcom TV set, including the entire cast and all 61 supporting characters! The buyer? Jerry Seinfeld, himself.

Our Passion Works staff and artists are so happy to welcome Wayne Savage as our newest advocate. Be sure to visit Passion Works Studio soon to say hello and to help us welcome Wayne to our fine arts community.