Polar Bear Plunge Sponsorship Opportunities

Event organized by the Albany VFW Post 9893

Sponsor Page

The Albany, Ohio Post 9893 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars is soliciting donations for this event, which will benefit children with disabilities programs in Athens County, Ohio and those served by the Pregnancy Resource Center. This event will take place on Saturday, February 13, at 1000, Lake Snowden, Albany, Ohio.

The Albany VFW Post 9893 asks that you include them in your charitable or philanthropic community support this year. They welcome your help and thank you for your generosity.

The Albany VFW Post 9893 asks that you consider making a charitable contribution to support this fund raising effort. Albany VFW is a 501c3, 19, Non Profit entity, and your contributions are tax deductible.

Sponsorship Types:
• Regular Donation is $100.00. You get a ground sign with your post or organization name at the event.
• For a $200.00 Super Sponsorship, you get a ground sign at the event and you may enter a ten person team or donate for a team entry.
• For a $500.00 Elite Sponsorship you get a ground sign and a banner (5’x7’) at the event with logo printed on the event T-shirts and payment for one teams entry fee or enter a team for the event.
• They accept monetary donations of any amount. You can mail your donation to the address below.

Points of Contact:
Dick Grinstead, Post 9898, Commander, 740-590-0028, or email at: RHawghed69@aol.com
Brian Johnson, Post 9893, Chairman, 740-856-9404, or email at: tanbri07@gmail.com
Jeff Havens, Post 9893, Post Quartermaster, 740-591-5477 or email at: jhvns13@aol.com
Joe Mulligan, Post 9893, 740-541-9078 or email at: ohiomulligans@yahoo.com
Terry St. Peter, Post 9893, 740-708-0425, or email at: stpete@ohio.edu
Dave Lonas, Post 9893 Auxiliary Chairman, 740-591-6516 or email at: dave.lonas@yahoo.com

Downloadable Donor Request Forms can be found here.

Please make checks payable to: VFW Post 9893, Mailing address: 3025 Dickson Road, Albany, Ohio 45710.