Transportation Facility Director
(740) 594-7489

What Transportation/Maintenance Services are Provided?

This program includes a fleet of 9 buses, 7 vans, and 3 cars that are used to provide transportation to and from programs and activities.
Services include the maintenance and security of the facilities and property at ATCO, Beacon School, Personnel Plus, Passionworks, and SSA/Busgarage.


  • 1 Van & 6 bus routes serving 40 school age children
  • Provides transportation services for 75 adults
  • 189,000 annual miles to transport individuals to and from ATCO, Personnel Plus, Passionworks, and Beacon for programming
  • 42,791 annual miles to and from community employment
  • 17,687 annual miles to and from community inclusion
  • 248,478 total annual miles