Behavior Supports Services

Behavior Supports is a service provided to any child or adult eligible for services with the ACBDD, who exhibits behaviors that are harmful to themselves or others, or which greatly interferes with their ability to integrate into their local community.This service is currently provided to approximately 60 individuals.

Behavior Supports seeks to assist the individual and their caregivers in reducing or eliminating the behavior of concern, through the least intrusive manner possible. One of the goals is to teach the individual new, positive behaviors to use instead of the behavior of concern.

Services include:

  • Informal consultation to families, residential service providers,Beacon School, ACBDD Adult Services
  • Training of ACBDD staff, and residential service providers on general Behavior Support topics.
  • Formal intervention using a written Behavior Support Plan

We are equipped to provide support for individuals with more severe behaviors and which would have more formal approach including:

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment – To identify the underlying causes of the behavior of concern.
  • A written Behavior Support Plan
  • Approval by a Behavior Supports/Human Rights Committee – To ensure that the Behavior Support Plan uses the least restrictive strategies, and doesn’t violate the rights of the individual.
  • Training for all caregivers who interact with the individual
  • Monitoring of the plan through data collection and/or regular meetings.