Residential Services

Residential services are becoming an increasingly necessary need for individuals served by Athens County Board of DD. Currently more than 100 individuals receive some residential services. Residential Services offered by the Athens County Board of DD include: Supported Living and Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (i.e. Individual Options Waiver and the Level-1 Waiver) in congregate settings, in home supports, and semi-independent supports; home modifications and adaptive equipment; short-term and long-term emergency services.

These services are provided by qualified and certified independent and agency providers. These providers have been certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. The services provided are based on waiting list rules and need of the individual. Athens County Board of DD currently has a very lengthy waiting list for residential services, over 100 individuals.


Supported Living: Supported Living is a State and County funded program that is used to meet the needs of individuals living with their families or in the community. Supported Living funds can be used for a variety of services such as homemaker personal care, transportation, home modifications, adaptive equipment and other necessary supports. The providers are certified through the Ohio Department of DD.

Individual Options Waiver: The I. O. Waiver is part of the Ohio Medicaid program, and is becoming the primary funding source of residential services in Athens County and across the state of Ohio. The I. O. Waiver includes the following services: Homemaker/Personal Care, Transportation, Social Work/Counseling, Adaptive Equipment, Environmental Modifications, Home Delivered Meals, Interpreter Services, Nutritional Services, Respite Care, Supported Employment, and Day Habilitation Services. The individual is required to have a Level of Care that is equal to that required by an Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentaly Disabled (ICFDD) i.e. Echoing Meadows. Most individuals eligible for county board services are eligible for the ICFDD level of care. The funding is portable and can follow the individual anywhere the individual may relocate with in the State of Ohio. Providers are certified by ODDD as an Individual Options Waiver by the specific service area i.e. Homemaker/Personal Care. There is a long waiting list for this waiver program.

Level-1 Waiver: The Level-1 Waiver is also part of the Ohio Medicaid program, and the primary funding source for in-home supports. It too funds services other than residential services such as Supported Employment, Day Habilitation. This waiver has a $5,000.00 cap per year for respite services, homemaker/personal care services and transportation. There is a provision for up to $6,000.00 over a three year period for Personal Emergency Response System; Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies; and Environmental Accessibility Adaptations. Finally it provides for Emergency Assistance with a limit of $8,000.00 for three years. There is a waiting list for the waiver program.

If you have additional questions about Residential Services or the Home and Community Based Services Waiver Program, please feel free to contact the Service and Support Administration Department at (740) 592-6006.

Click here to get an online application for services from the Athens County Board. (editable Word Document)