Beacon School offers the following services:

  • Early Intervention is a therapy and home-based service designed to enhance the development of infants and toddlers with delays.
  • Pre-school offers an atmosphere to foster pre-academics, art, music, and group activities for children ages 3-5.
  • School age programming is tailored to meet the needs of students age 6-21. The focus is on building skills needed in the present and future in the areas of functional academics, prevocational, socialization, daily living skills, adaptive physical education, fine/gross motor, and recreation/leisure.

Beginning at age 14, an Individualized Transition Plan is developed to assist the individual in learning skills he/she will need to live, work and recreate in their communities after graduation.

ADULT SERVICES offers the following services to individuals who are 16 and older:

  • Work Activity Center provides vocational and habilitative training and support to increase work and social skills.
  • Developmental Activity Center provides training and supports to increase/maintain personal and social adjustment, including sensory integration and community inclusion.
  • PersonnelPlus provides supported employment to individuals through community based vocational evaluation, job sampling, job placement, job coaching, and follow along services.
  • Life Skills Training provides individual and group classes and counseling to assist in developing a better awareness of self and others.
  • Community Inclusion provides a variety of recreation and leisure opportunities for individuals to become more integrated into their communities.
  • Passion Works is a studio dedicated to creating art opportunities and employment for people with developmental disabilities.

SERVICE AND SUPPORT ADMINISTRATION services include information and referral, needs assessment, service coordination and linkage, individual service monitoring, major unusual incident reporting and review, crisis intervention, maintenance of program waiting lists, and screening for nursing home admissions.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT services include administration of

  • Family Resources (respite, adaptive equipment, special diet, an counseling/education)
  • Residential Services (supported living, individual option waiver, residential facility waiver, referrals to intermediate care facilities (ICF-MR)
  • Capital Housing Program administers capital improvement monies to purchase community homes, complete renovations for accessibility, and winterization projects.

FACILITIES/TRANSPORTATION services include the maintenance and upkeep of the physical buildings and property at Atco and Beacon School. This program also includes a fleet of buses and other vehicles that are used to provide transportation to and from programs and activities.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES for the entire program include nursing, delegated nursing, communication therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.