What types of volunteer opportunities exist with Atco Adult Services?

We use volunteers in a variety of ways. Depending on how many hours of volunteer service you would like to do, some of the possibilities are listed below. Only those volunteers who need more than 20 hours per quarter are needed to volunteer within the Atco facility. All other volunteers will be helping with activities that take place in the community.

Weekly Community activities

Monday Lunch, noon-1pm

  • Between 12-15 individuals go up from Atco.
  • Volunteers help people carry their food trays thru the line, and join us for lunch as well. Lots of socializing.

Tuesday Rec Night, between 3:30-6pm

  • Between 45-55 people attend each week.
  • People bowl, shoot pool, do crafts, play uno, and just hang out.
  • Volunteers help people bowl, keep score, shoot pool, play uno, and cheer folks on.

Wednesday Bowling League, 5-7pm

  • Happens Fall, Winter, and Spring, 8 nights each quarter.
  • 8 teams of 5, with about half of the participants with a disability
    and the other half being OU students.
  • Volunteers assist folks with bowling, keeping score, and cheering
    their teammates on.
  • Volunteers must be willing to commit to the eight Wednesdays, since you will be on a team, and your teammates will be counting on you each week.

Movement Dance Group at Putnam, day and time varies each qtr

  • One day a week for an hour at Putnam, Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • OU Dance majors lead the group.
  • 5 to 6 individuals participate.
  • Volunteers don’t need to be dance majors, they just help participants follow the activities.
  • Check out their blog at: livingarts-skmm.blogspot.com

Other activities:

  • Movie Night, one Tues night each month after Tues Rec Night, about 40-45 consumers attend
  • Amusement Park trip each summer, about 30 individuals attend
  • OU sporting events such as football, volleyball basketball, baseball, and softball
  • Plays, musical performances, dance concerts, outdoor drama, Copperheads games, Clippers games, Indians game,
  • Athens County Fair, Franklin Park, Bake Sale, Car Wash, Pool tournaments, Canoe Picnic, Fishing trip,
  • Halloween Dance, Valentines Dance, Dinner for Two
  • Disability Awareness Festival each March
  • Misc Passion Works events

The following activities occur at Atco and are limited to those volunteers needing more than 20 hours during one quarter:

Reading Roundup, day and time varies each qtr

  • Sponsored by Student Council for Exceptional Children, an OU education group.
  • 8 to 10 individuals participate.
  • The group reads books of common interest together, more or less a book club.
  • Human Awareness classes, day and time varies each qtr
  • These classes are taught by our Human Awareness Coordinator and include classes on nutrition, self advocacy, women’s issues, self care, sex ed, etc.
  • A great opportunity for a volunteer to work with an excellent Special Education teacher.

Atco Authors, day and time varies each qtr

  • Sponsored by OU Circle K, usually happens on Friday mornings for an hour, Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • 8 to 10 individuals participate.
  • Volunteers help folks write poems, stories, and do craft activities.

Habilitation Center at Atco, weekdays between 8:30-2:15pm

  • Volunteers lead small group activities, such as art projects, discussion groups, working on the computer, playing cards, etc.
  • Ideas for one on one or small group activities in Hab Center:
    • help someone learn how to use email
    • help someone learn how to play computer games
    • crossword puzzles, reading a story
    • walks, teaching community mobility skills
    • drawings, art projects, games, cards, beading
    • wheelchair exercise activities
    • cooking activities
    • music activities

Music Therapy, day and time varies each qtr

  • Between 3-5 individuals participate.
  • Sessions are led by a Music Therapy student.
  • Takes place at Glidden Hall usually.