Early Intervention

Early Intervention provides services and supports to infants and toddlers, birth through age two, with developmental delays or disabilities.

It is part of a comprehensive, collaborative, coordinated and family-centered system designed to meet the individual developmental needs of young children and to meet the needs of the family.  The focus is to enhance a child’s development in the most natural environment as possible.

Our program believes in a family-centered and supportive and developmental atmosphere where the parents/caregivers are the first and most important teachers in their child’s life.

Services are delivered primarily through Early Intervention Specialists who assist in the development and implementation of developmentally appropriate practices related to enhancing the child’s growth and development as well as providing the parents with the tools to help meet the unique needs of their children.

Early Intervention Specialists provide on-going assessment, activity planning/provision and therapeutic follow-through in the home setting, child-care centers, playgroups, daycare homes and other settings as requested by parents/guardians.  Financial support is available for specialized consultative services and support equipment.

Our Early Intervention team is a key partner with Athens County Help Me Grow.  To learn more about Help Me Grow and Early Intervention Services in general, you can visit www.helpmegrow.org.

For more information, contact:

Jodi Mitchell
Developmental Specialist
740-594-3539 x 239