ATCO Transition FAQ

Why is Atco Closing?

• The new federal rule (by CMS) calls for conflict-free case management for all county boards in the state. This mandate is in effect because there is an inherent conflict of interest for any county board that provides the services, monitors the services, and then receives funding for these services. To resolve this conflict, the ACBDD is required to transition away from providing Medicaid-funded services.
• The ACBDD and ATCO is announced February 10, 2016 that the ACBDD and ATCO will soon begin the process of complying with the federally mandated order from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding county boards of DD and conflict free case management.
• This transition phase will occur over the next three years, with an end goal of all individuals being transitioned to our local partner providers by January 2019. At that time, January 2019, ATCO will cease operations.

What will happen to the individuals served at Atco?

Autumn Brown has been hired to develop and oversee the process of all individuals currently served at Atco are supported in understanding the change, learning all available opportunities they may choose including employment exploration, volunteer opportunities, and visiting and experiencing all potential day hab providers. A transition Portfolio is being developed to track the process and empower individuals to take a leadership role in their own transition. The process will be individualizes and accomplished through the ISP meeting process. The Atco staff and Autumn will be assisting individuals in identify wants and needs and each individuals SSA will assist each individual in finalizing choices and ensuring the transition process is finalized and documented.
The Agency Provider Meeting, Thursday, Feb 25 details of Atco Closing in 3 years was shared with our local agency providers:
• Echoing Meadows
• Sech-Kar
• Buckeye Community Services
• Expanding Your Horizons
• Havar
All in attendance indicated a desire to increase their day habilitation services and transportation services.

It has been said that once someone transitions and leaves Atco they cannot come back?

Once people choose another day hab, or transition to new opportunities full time the intention is to decrease enrollment at Atco and help everyone find appropriate placement and supports with their new choices. With good planning and support we for see everyone making new exciting choices and our team of supports being available to navigate any unforeseen complications.
There is no exact timeline for closing out a transition, this too will be an individualized and person centered determination. Our team is dedicated to supporting everyone as needed in the changes they will be experiencing. Atco staff will be going with any individuals who may need added assistance in the transition and the ISP team will work together in the interest of the person making the choices to develop and implement supports that are needed for a successful transition.