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What’s Your Story? Beth Graham

Beth has worked at the Athens County Board for many years and has held positions at Personnel Plus and within the SSA department. Beth is noteworthy for always helping out the new SSAs, caring a lot about the people on her caseload, and being an early adopter of person centered planning. Beth believes that “we…read more

What’s Your Story? Passion Works Studio

“To inspire and liberate the human spirit through the arts.”   This has been the mission of Passion Works Studio since its inception in 1997.  Through the use of the collaborative process in the arts Passion Works seeks to enhance the quality of life, strengthen community, change perceptions, and provide a voice to an often marginalized…read more

What’s Your Story? Gabby Moulton

Gabby is a wonderful 19 year old. She has a mom and dad and three siblings. Gabby has a wide range of interests including flags, race cars, Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles, and of course sports. One of her favorite past times is going to the library and studying books about different countries and once a…read more

What’s Your Story? Carl Johnston

I have worked at Beacon School for over ten years as a classroom aide. I am currently working for the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities as an Instructor Assistant in the young adult classroom. I assist in the instruction of the everyday running of the classroom. I enjoy running on trails at Burr Oak…read more

What’s Your Story? Samantha Dunlap

I have been a Intervention Specialist for seven years. I live in The Plains with my husband Kris Dunlap and we both have been working for the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities for five years. We are currently expecting our first child in March 2016 (this weekend) and enjoy being outside with our dogs,…read more

What’s Your Story? Jeffrey McCoy

Jeffrey (Jeff) McCoy was born on July 15th, 1981 in Athens county where he has lived for all his life. Jeffrey has been receiving services at ATCO for 12 years before which, he graduated from Beacon School. Currently, Jeffrey lives at Buckeye Community Services in The Plains with many family members living nearby. His favorite…read more