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What’s Your Story? Zach Stevens

Zack has been very proactive in the whole employment process and has had such success with this job he decided he would like to pursue another part-time job. Without any assistance he has applied for another job and received an interview last week. He said it went very well and he is anticipating a job…read more

What’s Your Story? Wendy Walker

While looking for a job and attending RHDD’s Day Services Center Alternatives, Wendy also stays busy by volunteering at Beacon School one to two days a week during the school year. She loves being around young kids and teaching them things that she knows. She helps with swimming classes, leads arts and crafts activities, and…read more

What’s Your Story? Jeremy Allman

Jeremy lives in Albany and is an active member of his family and community. Jeremy helps take care of things around the home including taking care of the horse and on these cold days he keeps the outdoor wood burner stocked so the house stays warm. He is also a 10 year volunteer with the…read more

What’s Your Story? Mary Frisby

Mary is 76 years old and lives in The Plains. “I like all my staff and I like everybody in my house” they’re “nice people” according Mary. Mary is also a member of the Havar Board that oversees the non-profit agency. Mary is successfully RETIRED (2009- 30 years!) from her earned income efforts at the…read more

What’s Your Story? Jim Gillespie

Jim Gillespie is a soon to be 70 years old. He spent many years of his life living in his own apartment and having minimal drop-in services. He enjoys spending time with his friends laughing and drinking coffee. Many of his friends are gone, but there are still a few around. He loves to get…read more