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The Athens County Board of DD and the ATCO Inc. Board are dedicated to making this three year transition process a successful, person-centered process. We are working hard to develop relationships with available day hab services and we are educating the individuals affected so they can make choices that best suit their needs and interests. As this process unfolds we will be focusing on assisting providers with needed supports to best serve the individuals they will be serving, and we will work to engage the community in ways that include them in being a part of the new and exciting ways we will be helping everyone we serve have new and exciting opportunities to experience and enjoy. The Athens Community has always supported our services and embraced community integration for people with disabilities in our community. This transition gives us the need and the opportunity for even more of those supports. Thank you to everyone who is contributing to the continuing progress of the transition and we are always welcoming to anyone with an interest in helping out.
For any questions or concerns feel free to contact Autumn Brown, ATCO Transition Manager
(740)592-6659 x 229