Current Year Board Meetings

Board Packet – intended as a rough version of the topics to be covered.
Actual agenda is subject to change and will be finalized through a motion
at the actual meeting. All meetings begin at 6 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

2017 ACBDD Board Meetings

January 24th Beacon: Organizational Meeting Minutes |Board Meeting Minutes
February 28th Beacon: Packet | Minutes
March 28th Beacon: Packet | Minutes
April 25th Beacon: Packet | Minutes
May 23rd ATCO  ACBDD/ATCO Joint Meeting: Packet | Minutes
June 27th Beacon: Packet | Minutes
July 25th: Canceled
August 22nd Beacon: Packet | Minutes
September 26th Beacon: Packet | Minutes
October 9th Beacon, Special Board Meeting:  | Minutes
October 24th Beacon: Packet  | Minutes
November 28th Beacon – 7 p.m.: Packet | Minutes
December 26th: Canceled


Previous Years ACBDD Board Meetings 

Stakeholders Meetings